Good examples

Below you will find some inspiring examples of schools, who became Waterschools, interesting school and kindergarden activities around the topic water and water supplier educational campaigns.

  • Wasserschool Köln and Villa Öki

    For almost 20 years Villa Öki has been a fixture in the Cologne education landscape. It has set itself the task of experiencing the many facets of water, with the aim of promoting responsible use of this...

  • Water wins (Slovenia)

    About the project Water Wins: Experts from the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Division of Pediatrics found out that children and adolescents drink too many soft drinks what represents a threat for...

  • Mission "I choose a cup for multiple use" (Bulgaria)

    The project is inspired by Greenpeace's campaigns for a plastic-free future and focuses on the problem of using disposable water cups in kindergartens.

  • Water Agent from Water Agency Association (Slovenia)

    The basic idea of the project Water Agent is to establish international cooperation with partners and exchange information about water consumption.

  • H2NOE - Waterschools in Lower Austria (Austria)

    In waterschools students will drink enough water. This promotes efficiency and is an important contribution to prevent tooth decay and obesity. The participating primary schools are being supported...

  • Drinking Water in Secondary schools - Vienna Waterschools (Austria)

    After the successful implementation of water drinking at Viennese elementary schools, 50 secodary schools also got the support to become a water school. The schools actively promote the drinking of water...

  • Drinking Water in Primary schools - Waterschools Vienna (Austria)

    The importance of drinking water in schools is well known among teachers. Meanwhile most of kindergarten and school pedagogues allow water drinking during their lessons and they try to encourage pupils...

  • Waterschool Ramsharde in Flensburg (Germany)

    When you are moving, you have to drink a lot, and this is especially so for children. But water is also very important for the regulation of body temperature, the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the...

  • Water is Cool in School Campaign (United Kingdom)

    Following concerns over the poor fluid intake of children at school, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health carried out a questionnaire survey on behalf of the Enuresis Resource and Information...

  • Viva Servizi (Italy)

    Viva Servizi is a company that has managed the integrated water service in 43 municipalities in the provinces of Ancona and Macerata and the distribution of methane gas in 15 municipalities, through Edma...

  • Gruppo CAP (Italy)

    The CAP group was founded in 1928 when the Municipalities of Paderno Dugnano, Limbiate, Cusano Milanino and Cormano constitute an institution for the construction of the aqueducts: the Consortium for Drinking...


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